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Dear Larry Selman,
Although we did not get to meet, I would like to thank you for your self-less acts. When I first learned about you and your actions, I was appalled at the fact someone would go to great lengths to accomplish such goals. You sparked inspiration in me that day. I could only hope to be someone like you. Thank you for your generous donations of time and energy to such wonderful causes. Thank you.
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PNW KEY CLUB Call-to-Convention 2013. #PNWKEYCLUB

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Hey Key Clubbers!

Check out these awesome Facebook cover photos for The Eliminate Project!  Put them on facebook and let’s show the world all it takes to save the world is just $1.80.


For those people who say “Screw Key Club, none of you guys do anything.” Or my favorite, “All people in Key Club are only out to meet girls/guys.” I have some brilliant news for you.

Key Club International has proudly ELIMINATED a DISEASE from China. The disease is Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Disease (MNT), a disease that claims the lives of countless of mothers and their new born babies by the tho

usands. It is the disease Key Club International has been consistently attacking with Project eliMiNaTe, with the help of UNICEF and other service partners.

On October 31st, 2012 China was pronounced free from Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Disease.

I’m so proud of our Organization for putting in passion, fundraising efforts, and service to defeat this disease.

All critics may now take a seat. KCI is busy changing the world.

- Brandon Swan-Prung, Division 15

Source: Kiwanis.org
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Michael Buble: my man crush <3

Hey key clubbers! Starting tomorrow is key club week, so don’t forget to “show off your k in every way!”  Pick up a shirt and show off your Key Club spirit!


In collaboration with our local Kiwanis club, we are selling iPhone 4/4S cases. All profits go towards the Eliminate Project. Contact me on tumblr for inquiries. @meeechers :)

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Check out the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International’s Call to Convention! DCON is March 22nd-24th, 2013 in Seatac, WA! We hope to see you there!

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Oovoo with da ratchetz. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. <3

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I was a superhero for service today with my little brothers!  We trick-or-treated for UNICEF and raised $68.12.  That’s almost 38 lives that we were able to save! =)
I love Key Club.


I was a superhero for service today with my little brothers!  We trick-or-treated for UNICEF and raised $68.12.  That’s almost 38 lives that we were able to save! =)

I love Key Club.

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Tri-K 2012. My District Board family. I miss them all too much. They always bring me joy and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I love them!This weekend was amazing. It went by really fast, but I loved every single second of it. Now my heart creyz since we have all departed, but when February comes, we will all be united (and get to be with our innies). <3 L-O-V-E I love my Family!

It was a weekend full of…

  • Key Club, CKI, and Kiwanis!
  • Meeting Kiwanis counterparts and our new Lt. G’s
  • Committee Work
  • Us questioning the legitmacy of our positions LOLOLOL
  • Sassy remarks and funny questions
  • Hugs
  • Lots of food
  • Pitch Perfect References (Acca-Awkward and Lesbe honest)
  • Gangnam Style
  • Service Project :) 
  • Photobombing
  • Whipping and abusing people
  • Giovanni butt raping people
  • Late nights and early mornings
  • Running to our rooms thinking curfew already passed
  • Oovoo
  • Writing notes
  • Senior Photos
  • Tears & Goodbyes

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